Meet the Author: Yildiz Sethi

YILDIZ’ TOP WRITING TIP: There is no perfect or convenient time to write, so stop thinking about it and jump in. The rest will follow.

Yildiz SethiYildiz Sethi is a personal development and relationship expert. She provides consultations and training in Vedic astrology and Family Constellations and tailored programs to resolve blocks to success and wellbeing. She has been holding workshops and training in Sydney and Brisbane for more than a decade. She is the author of two number 1 best seller books (Amazon) Stardust on the Spiritual Path and Be Rich AND Spiritual. Visit to find out more about Yildiz and her books.


Why do you write? I write because I have a lot to share in terms of life experience and knowledge and a wish to encourage others to form their own views on life, the universe and the experience of living.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a writer? I am a personal development expert which is where I get much of my experiences for awareness and growth. I have been a physics and chemistry teacher and am presently a Vedic astrologer and teacher and psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and Family Constellations facilitator and trainer as well as an author.

What was your toughest obstacle to becoming published? Knowing how to navigate the publishing world in terms of choosing a publisher.

What’s the best aspect of your writing life? Being able to develop and express my thoughts.

—the worst? Taking time out of my life and my relationship time to write.

What would you do differently if you were starting out now as a writer? Be clearer on my chapters and sequence of ideas as this would have saved me a lot of time.

What do you wish you’d been told before you set out to become an author? I wish I had known that the writing in itself though enjoyable is just the first step in the publishing process, as marketing and promotion requires deep consideration and planning.

What’s the best advice you were ever given? Consider an avatar that you are writing for as it helps focus the way you write.

Stardust Stardust on the Spiritual Path

Many are ready for the next step in consciousness in finding a belief system or form of spirituality to help them discover a higher meaning in life. Through exploring elements of mystical India with knowledge of modern psychological and personal development, we may create a new enriching perspective of our soul journey as stardust. Yildiz explores aspects of Karma, Vedic astrology, reincarnation, free will and destiny and the process of Family Constellations as a means of making the most of ourselves on our soul journey through relationships and self-discovery towards enlightenment through a character named ‘Surya’. The author uses ancient and modern philosophies and Eastern and Western knowledge in looking through Surya’s eyes. Each decision has consequences and Yildiz discusses those with a strong emphasis on the intricacies of relationship. We are invited to consider consumerism, global warming and our search for love as the soul remembering its wisdom. The book is available here from



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