Meet the Author: Diane Jackson Hill

DIANE’S TOP WRITING TIP: Learn all you can about the craft, network, explore your subject, write and rewrite and rewrite and rewrite and …

DSC_5896Diane Jackson Hill co-authored the successful Uke’n Play Ukulele book/CD series, published by Music Sales Ltd and Hinkler Books. She has another musical picture book contracted to New Frontier and two other picture books to be released early in 2016: Annabel’s Dance, being illustrated by Lois Bury and published by Wombat Books (about a sheep with ADHD); and Chooks in Dinner Suits – An Oddball Tale of Big Dogs and Little Penguins, being illustrated by Craig Smith and published by Museum Victoria (the real story behind the movie Oddball). Diane lives by the sea in southwest Victoria and plays ukulele!

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Why do you write? I think I write because I have to. Mental stimulation perhaps? The challenge? The learning?

What would you be doing if you weren’t a writer? Same as now but with a lot more time to walk on the beach.

What was your toughest obstacle to becoming published? Finding the right publisher who connected with my stories.

What’s the best aspect of your writing life? Working the manuscript up to publishing stage – and of course, holding that book in your hand.

—the worst? Probably working the manuscript up to publishing stage – at times 😦

What would you do differently if you were starting out now as a writer? Work a lot more on my stories before I sent them off to a publisher.

What do you wish you’d been told before you set out to become an author? Sometimes the editing process with a publisher can be crushing.

What’s the best advice you were ever given? Show, don’t tell.

Diane shares THE BOOK STORY:

#HarmonyTweet is a story about community with music and social media concepts for early childhood – four to eight years.

Illustrations are by Aimee Dickson, a young woman whose exceptional talent was unlocked by a teacher who re-taught her how to hold a pen in her last year of school. Aimee started writing for the first time, then doodling. From those doodlings came characters, backgrounds and then masterpieces.

I had a manuscript that suited Aimee’s bird characters and so this book was born. By pure accident, it shadowed Aimee’s real story.

Aimee is autistic and lives with her family in a close, artistic community in Western Australia. With the help of family, friends and community she has her own successful website where she sells calendars, cards, prints made from her exceptional artwork.


#harmonytweet 001#HarmonyTweet

Birds from everywhere can join the Big Bird Band. Twittering and tweeting are in huge demand. Trouble is, Crow’s singing doesn’t quite fit the bill. With a little help from well-meaning tweeters, Crow learns the finer points but still can’t sing a note in tune. Will he ever find a place in the band?

A delightful orchestration of a community, wired by social media and powered by the love of song.

#HarmonyTweet picture book is available from


#HarmonyTweet Kindle is available at Amazon:




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