Authors and illustrators in the spotlight

Writers’ personal stories never fail to fascinate and inspire me. I’m privileged to count many authors among my circle of friends and they were the first people I approached when I decided to start In Their Own Write with the idea of offering writers  a promotional opportunity. I’ve since been introduced to a growing number of wonderful new acquaintances who share my passion for books and writing and were willing to put themselves and their work in the spotlight. Because I’m a children’s author, many of the books that come across my path are illustrated and that expanded the site to also include the artists who illustrate them.

To go directly to the post you want to read, simply click on the author or illustrator’s name. I hope you enjoy their stories as much as I have.

Goldie Alexander


Joanne Anderton

Roger Averill

Sarah Ayoub

Lance Balchin

Inez Baranay

Magic Barclay

Hazel Barker

Bernice Barry

Dianne Bates

Lee Battersby

Sonia Bellhouse

Jason Shon Bennett

Patsy Bennett

Sonia Bestulic

AJ Betts

Carmel Bird

Adrienne Body

Paula Boer

Claire Boston

Robin Bower

Amanda Bridgeman

Cristy Burne

Amy Calautti

Lucy Cavendish

Cathryn Chapman

Heather Charlton

Muffy Churches

David Cohen

Vikki Conley

Michael Costello

Beryl Coverdale

Elizabeth Mary Cummings

James Cristina

Amanda Curtin

Sarah Daltry

Cate Davis

Catherine de Saint Phalle

Lucy Desoto

Anne Helen Donnelly

Don Elgin

Sarah Elle Emm

Maureen Eppen

Justine Ettler

Diane Fagan

Melissa Fagan

Melissa Ferguson

Michael Fitzgerald

Satima Flavell

Francesca Forrest

Elaine Forrestal

Elizabeth Foster

Vanessa Garden

Margi Gibb

Marlish Glorie

Jan Golembiewski

Sofia Goodsoul

Mark Greenwood

Diane Guntrip

Dale Harcombe

PL Harris

Jean Harrod

Tim Heath

Subhash Jaireth

Eliza Henry Jones

Patrick Holland

Nichola Hunter

Josey Hurley

Shona Husk

Marina J

Matt Jackson

Rebecca Jackson

Diane Jackson Hill

Anna Jacobs

Nora James

Adele Jones

Norman Jorgenson

Juanita Kees

Nadia King

John Kinsella

Victor Kline

Heidi Kneale

Kirsten Krauth

Rebecca Laffar-Smith

Sofie Laguna

William Lane

James Lee

SL Lim

Ella Mae

Annette Mahon

Glennys Marsdon

Sophie Masson

Andrew Matthews

Rachel Matthews

Tash Macfarlane

Meg McKinlay

Cameron Mackintosh

Ken McLean

Tess McLennan

Lizzie Midgley

Pauline Montagna

Nicola Moriarty

Sallie Muirden

Jaquelyn Muller

Monique Mulligan

Lois Murphy

Mike Murphy

Freda Marnie Nicholls

Rachel Nightingale

Joy Noble

Desmond O’Connor

Elaine Ouston

Amra Pajalic

Louise Park

Andrea Faith Potter

JR Poulter

Robert Power

Penelope Pratley

Deb Rae

Marlene Rattigan

Jane Rawson

Erin Rhoads

Bob Rich

Bobbie Richardson

Mirandi Riwoe

Pixi Robertson

Susanna Rogers

Jenny Rogneby

Veronica Rooke

Shirley Rowland

Bianca Ross

Kate Russell

Paul Russell

Roslyn Russell

Tracy Ryan

Philip Salom

Angela Savage

Robert Schofield

Jenny Schwartz

Winfried Sedhoff

Yeldiz Sethi

Margaret Lynette Sharp

Kate Simpson

Annabel Smith

Tanya Southey

Frank Spencer

Lynne Stringer

Margaret Sutherland

David Stanley

Kez Wickham St George

Sioban Timmer

Matt Towner

Sian Turner

Karen Tyrrell

Muza Ulasowski

Kelly Van Nelson

Robert Vescio

Ron Ward

Stephanie Ward

Daniel Weatheritt

Karen Weaver

Kayleen West

Dianne Wolfer

Ron Williams

Tess Woods

Gypsy Wulff

Evie Wyld

Ouyang Yu

John Zubrzycki

One thought on “Authors and illustrators in the spotlight

  1. Good to see Annabel sharing her insights and advice. I’m old school and found it hard to send multiple submissions, but these days you would be waiting years for an answer unless you do double up. Anyway, so few publishers are receptive that it’s really better to get on and birth your own baby!


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